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Aqua Plumbing and Heating Ltd is a team of professionals dedicated to providing Edmonton residents with the best possible plumbing and heating services. Now managed by Brad Scott, we were founded in 1985 by Duff Scott. Our full-service plumbing company has been serving residential and commercial clients in the Edmonton metro area for over 35 years. Our reputation for quality workmanship, trust, and integrity has enabled us to establish long-lasting relationships with our esteemed clients throughout Edmonton.


Financing Options Are Available!

At Aqua Plumbing, we believe that being able to heat your home and use hot water are not luxuries but necessities. If you don’t have adequate cash to finance a major plumbing work out of pocket, we offer flexible financing options. We want to make plumbing and heating services as affordable and accessible as possible to Edmonton residents.

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We Are Plumbing & Heating Experts

At Aqua Plumbing and Heating Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality plumbing installation and maintenance services. Our plumbing and heating experts are always on schedule and provide outstanding customer service every time. We understand that time and cost are crucial, and we strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. With over 35 years of experience serving both residential and commercial properties, we can handle anything from clogged toilets to boiler breakdowns and bathroom leaks.

We also know how important it is to have an efficient heating system you can rely on. Your heaters should work powerfully, efficiently, and reliably to make your home or office comfortable and keep your bills low. Our skilled heating technicians provide reliable heater repair, maintenance, and installation services to help you achieve the utmost comfort and minimize energy bills.

We recognize that the greater Edmonton area has hard water full of natural minerals. While it’s good to have good-tasting water that benefits your health, hard water leads to scaling, calcification, and other problems within pipes, appliances, faucets, and irrigation systems. Our team has extensive experience addressing plumbing issues emanating from hard water and other problems unique to the Edmonton area.

Plumbing Services We Provide

Your plumbing system comprises pipes, valves, fittings, fixtures, and drains installed for the distribution of tap water, heating water, and waste removal. At Aqua Plumbing, we have extensive experience extending, modifying, and repairing plumbing systems for residential and commercial properties. 

Our plumbing services involve cleaning traps and piping of various drain types, including toilet, sewer, sink, and grease drains and traps. We also provide faucet services, sump pump services, sewer line services, water heater services, piping/leak services, and toilet plumbing services.

Whether it’s a simple leak repair or complex installation, we’ll give your house or commercial building an efficient plumbing system with the right repairs, upgrades, or installation of water radiators when necessary. 

If algae, fungus, tree branches, or food waste and debris obstruct sewer movement, our team will eliminate the obstruction. Besides plumbing services, we inspect, repair, and replace tank- and tankless hot water systems and boilers.


Our Skilled Technicians Can Help You!

From leaky pipes to faulty heating systems, our skilled team is here to get your plumbing and heating systems working in tip-top shape! Call us today to book an appointment or get an estimate.

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